Ocean Gala Marine Resources, GAA Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Global Aquaculture Alliance has signed a cooperation agreement with Ocean Gala Marine Resources in which the two organizations recognize each other’s interest in promoting responsibly farmed seafood.

Ocean Gala Marine Resources operates as Chang International in China. Founded in 1994, Chang International is a leading seafood processing and supply company with facilities in Kirkland, Wash., USA, and Qingdao, China, exporting wild and farmed seafood products into the Europe, North America, Japan and China markets.

“In a recent survey of seafood buyers and consumers, Ocean Gala Marine Resources was recently recognized as one of the top seafood suppliers in China. We are encouraged by their initiative to work with Best Aquaculture Practices as they work toward supplying more responsibly produced seafood to Chinese consumers and take a role in addressing their food safety concerns by working with an international third-party certification that includes rigorous food safety requirements,” said Steven Hart, vice president of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

As part of the agreement, Chang International will promote seafood products from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified facilities, encouraging Chinese retail and foodservice buyers to source seafood from responsible sources.

In turn, GAA will help Chang International and its global buyers and supply chain to source seafood products from BAP-certified facilities.

“We are excited about partnering with GAA to start sourcing responsibly farmed products for the Chinese market. Food safety continues to be the No. 1 issue Chinese consumers are concerned about. By partnering with GAA to source BAP products for our customers, Ocean Gala Resources will be able to supply that safety assurance to our customers,” said Jerry Chang, owner of Chang International.

The agreement involves a number of cross-promotional efforts, including at events such as the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo.

About GAA
The Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. Through the development of its Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards, GAA has become the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood.

About Ocean Gala Marine Resources Co.
Ocean Gala Marine Resources Co. is a seafood importer, processor and supplier in Qingdao, China. It has logistics, sales and buying offices in both Qingdao, China, and Kirkland, Wash., comprising its global footprint. This includes Chang International North America, Qingdao Evergreen Foods and Qingdao Rizheng Trading Company. Ocean Gala Marine Resources strives to import and distribute healthy, nutritious and sustainable global seafood products for the Chinese market and Chinese consumers they serve. Ocean Gala Marine Recourses and its Ocean Gala brand have gained wide Chinese marketplace recognition because of consistent good products and good service.