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Hosted by Global Seafood Alliance’s Justin Grant and Maddie Cassidy, Aquademia is your go-to podcast for a fresh take on all things seafood. Aquademia aims to educate consumers and industry professionals on how seafood is connected with the issues facing our planet, what consumers can do to help, and arm them with the knowledge to make better seafood choices. Each episode features interviews with professionals from varied disciplines to demonstrate how deeply seafood is connected with our world. From seafood industry professionals to environmental scientists to chefs, all voices are included and all listeners will find something interesting.

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"Love this seafood-centric podcast. Although I think I know a lot about the seafood industry, I’m still learning new things. I appreciate the guest expert perspectives and exposure to both consumer and industry topics. Thank you!"
"I love this podcast, it’s very informative and fun to boot! I love learning about the different facets of the seafood industry and how consumers influence it in such drastic ways. Plus, the hosts are hilarious! I’m looking forward to learning more about specific species of fish and how they are cultivated and marketed to consumers!"
"This is a great podcast about a serious subject. The team presents news about aquaculture in an entertaining and knowledgeable way. The sound is professional and top-notch."
"Shaun, Maddie and Justin have a great energy and they put their guests at ease, creating an informative/entertaining discussion about seafood!!! Eat more seafood!!!!!"
"Excellent job connecting us with some of the incredible wealth of aquaculture and seafood knowledge that has been out of the mainstream for too long."

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