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Membership with Global Seafood Alliance is a rewarding and advantageous experience for you and your business. By joining our growing community of forward-thinking individuals and companies, you’re giving yourself and your employees the gift of knowledge and collaboration.

GSA is a friend and ally to thousands of seafood professionals worldwide. Working together in pre-competitive ways, we have the power to advance the cause of responsible seafood.

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We offer four levels of membership to support you and your personal seafood journey, meeting you at your level of engagement with the seafood industry. Your membership dollars support our advocacy work around the world.

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GSA offers partnership for BAP and BSP certified facilities to demonstrate our support for their work. All employees of certified facilities receive partner benefits when they create an account with GSA and link themselves to their company.
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  • Benefit accessibility to all staff members

Strategic Partner

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Strategic Partnerships are exclusively for Associations, NGOs, Universities, and non-commercial entities. There is no commitment of funds, but rather an exchange of mutually beneficial resources as determined by partner and GSA.
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Individual membership exists for academics, industry professionals, motivated consumers, and others to get involved with GSA. This type is a tangible way for people to show their support for the work GSA does, and for responsible seafood practices.
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  • Public Recognition: membership listing
  • Access to GSA Member Toolkit
  • Discount to in-person GOAL events
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Becoming a corporate member is a way for your company to demonstrate support for progress towards responsible seafood practices worldwide. Corporate membership is the closest way an external producer or business can align itself with GSA.
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  • Access to GSA Member Toolkit
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Be a champion for responsible seafood.

Certification Partners

Our BAP-certified farms, processors, re-processors, hatcheries, and feed mills as well as BSP-certified processors, re-processors and vessels are official partners of GSA. Our certification programs recognize product from associated or integrated facilities along the seafood production chain.

Learn more about certified facilities here:

Member Spotlight


Since becoming a member I've been able to utilize their educational tools to further my knowledge of what it really means to support sustainable water farmers while also joining the fight in helping change the "wild-only" narrative.

Mascha Davis, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Author
Mascha Davis

Knowledge is currency. As a GAA member I’ve been able to join forces with other thought leaders to help shift the false narrative around aquaculture while equipping consumers with the knowledge needed to confidently purchase ocean-friendly fish & seafood.

Ned Bell, Chef, TV Personality, Author, Athlete
Ned Bell

By becoming a member of GAA, I've been able to connect with eco-conscious chefs and industry leaders to develop strategies aimed at helping educate communities about sustainable aquaculture and the role they collectively play in seeing that it is done right!

Jennifer Bushman, Chef, Author, Consultant, Sustainable Aquaculture Advocate
Jennifer Bushman

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