UNH Students Analyze BAP Supply Chain Data for Capstone Project

As part of their capstone project for the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA) program, five students are working to analyze data from the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) supply chain transparency program.

BAP collects production volume data from certified facilities and trading volumes from distributors and retailers around the globe for its supply chain transparency program. BAP has begun to analyze this data by looking at the declared supply chain relationships between companies, offering visibility into any retailer’s supply chain and that chain’s ability to deliver adequate volumes of product from BAP-certified facilities.

The goal of UNH’s ISBA Capstone Project for the spring of 2018 is to create a “dilution factor,” or a way to analyze the pressure on a supply chain. In this way the students will answer very important questions for BAP endorsers and suppliers, including, “To what extent is their supply chain shared with other buyers?” and “What percentage of its supply chain’s tonnage could they reasonably expect to receive, given its distribution across multiple destinations?”

In order to answer these questions, students are using Tableau, a business intelligence data analysis tool, which provides compelling visualizations of data which will be incorporated into BAP’s existing supply chain transparency dashboard. The project will be completed in early May.

Meet the Students

Maria Spanos
Major: Business Analytics and Marketing

Upon graduation in May, I plan to work somewhere in New England with a position in marketing analytics. I am very interested in traveling and visiting new places, so I hope to get a position that allows me to do that for my job. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, yoga, going to the gym and cooking. I’m also a member of a sorority on campus and work remotely for a resort in my hometown.

Venus Chau
Major: Information Systems

Currently, I am working as a resident assistant and teaching assistant at UNH. After graduation, I plan to be a data analyst and data scientist after five years. If I have time after school, I would love to learn computer language and data analytics or data visualization tools such as python, Java and Google Analytics. During the weekend, I love to hang out with my friends and eat any kind of good food. I also would love to join any school events and explore new things in my community, such as joining the Liberty Mutual 24-Hour Hackathon and New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge, Amazon Alexa webinar. Things I like about GAA are organizational culture and care for employees. Thanks GAA for giving our team opportunity to explore a real workplace!

Sean McLaughlin
Major: Information Systems and Business Analytics

Analytics and data visualization have always been something that I’ve found interesting. Working through complicated problems that businesses have is something that I find both challenging and rewarding.  After graduation in December, I plan to look for a business analyst position in the Seacoast New Hampshire area. One thing I like about GAA is its mission to promote responsible and sustainable aquaculture. I have always had a great appreciation for nature and wildlife, so working for a company with a similar mission in the future is something that I would love to do. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports or any outdoor activity.

Billington Tong
Major: Information Systems and Finance

Aside from school, I work as a resident assistant on campus, in the student run postal center (mailroom) on campus, and in a restaurant on the weekends. After graduation in May, I’ll decide whether to move to the South or stay in New England to start my career. My colleagues and I are happy to help GAA with their task, I strongly believe in the importance of sustainability and respect GAA’s mission. My interests include playing sports, learning about new technologies and anything that really peaks my interest. Outside of the classroom, I am either hanging out in the dining halls, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, enjoying a game of tennis or whatever sport I’m playing, or working.

Elliot Judware
Major: Business Analytics and Sustainability

My plan after graduation is to work on a sustainable agriculture farm to learn more about its practices. My short-term goal is to apply for the Peace Corps in a year or so, and hopefully get accepted. My interests include the outdoors, sports and traveling.