Three Stars for Thailand’s Good Luck

Good Luck Products Co. Ltd. is the latest company to earn three-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) status, with the BAP certification of its Somrak shrimp hatchery in Thailand.

Three-star BAP status denotes that a product originates from BAP-certified processing plant, farm and hatchery or feed mill.

Also BAP certified are Good Luck’s processing plant and three sets of IOM (integrated operating module) shrimp farms, consisting of 19 farms, all in Thailand.

Good Luck’s feed mill is currently pursuing BAP certification, which would give the company four-star BAP status, while a group of small shrimp farms in Mahachai, Thailand, is being prepared for enrollment in the iBAP program.

“We are delighted our Thai shrimp supplier, Good Luck, has earned the prestigious three-star BAP designation with the certification of their company hatchery,” said James Baros, aquaculture and sustainability manager for National Fish & Seafood, which buys shrimp from Good Luck. “The newly constructed hatchery will supply all farms contracted by Good Luck, and National Fish & Seafood furthering our vision of vertical integration in our supply chain. We commend our partners on this great achievement and look forward to the BAP certification of the company’s feed mill.”

National Fish & Seafood supported the Good Luck shrimp farms in their pursuit of BAP certification.

As part of an IOM, groups of small- to medium-scale farms are organized under the sponsorship of a processor, farmer cooperative or association, or other legally recognized entity. IOMs are a cost effective way for small- and medium-scale farmers to pursue BAP certification.

At the end of February, 1,127 processing plants, farms, hatcheries and feed mills were BAP certified.