Nearly 60 Facilities Graduate From iBAP in 2016

The Best Aquaculture Practices’ iBAP program is approaching its two-year anniversary.

The iBAP program was launched in January 2015 to provide aquaculture facilities with the opportunity to be recognized by the marketplace as they work to improve their production practices. Facilities that enroll in iBAP agree to a step-by-step, deadline-driven improvement plan and are listed on the BAP website: Once the plan is executed, the facilities can apply for BAP certification.

In 2016, 229 facilities enrolled in iBAP, with 59 facilities graduating from the program, applying for BAP certification and earning BAP certification. The majority of those 229 facilities were shrimp and tilapia farms sites in Asia (mainly Indonesia, China and Thailand) and Latin America organized as part of a group and listed as such on the BAP website.

Though farm sites represent the majority of iBAP participants, a number of hatcheries, feed mills and processing plants have participated in the program. In addition to shrimp and tilapia, salmon, crawfish and striped bass facilities have enrolled in iBAP.