BAP Spotlight Story: Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co., Ltd

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Program’s “Spotlight Stories” highlight BAP-certified facilities around the world and the stories of the people behind them. This Spotlight Story features Angelina Liu, who works for Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co., Ltd. Located in the province of Hainan in China, they are capable of offering four-star BAP tilapia.

What inspired you to become involved in the seafood industry?

I grew up in a seafood family. My dad started a seafood business in 1988. Therefore, I had fish for almost every meal growing up. As the time passed, I learned to recognize many types of fish. This is what inspired me to become involved in the seafood industry.

Can you provide some background about your company?

Our company was established in 2003, and we now have more than 2,000 employees. Our company is very important to the local community because we provide many job opportunities to the local people, and many have no education and come from poor families.

Workers at Hainan Xiangtai processing plant
Angelina with a worker at the tilapia farm
Why did you choose to become BAP-certified? How has certification helped you?

We became BAP-certified at 2009. We decided to become BAP-certified to help us improve our business practices. BAP has helped us to become more professional, and BAP has a very good specification.

To learn more about Angelina and Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co., Ltd, watch a video about the company on the BAP YouTube Channel here.

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