BAP Releases Video on Aquaculture and Certification

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program recently released a new video that introduces consumers to aquaculture and the BAP program. The video stems from a partnership with the U.S. Soybean Export Council to increase awareness around responsible aquaculture practices, sustainable feed, and the BAP label. It is available in both English and Spanish.

The video provides a brief overview of what aquaculture is and why it’s needed, and features two BAP-certified facilities, Acuicola Gemso Tilapia farm and Vimifos Feed Mill in Mexico. Says Juan Atnonio Loustaunau, Facility Manager of Acuicola Gemso, “For Gemso, quality is very important, and not just because we say that ourselves, but because a third party comes and validates us with international standards…When we put the BAP stamp on our products, what we want to convey to our customers is a product that is totally safe for their health.”

The also video talks about how the use of plant-based ingredients like soy have helped supplement the use of wild caught fish used in feed. Says Marisol Dominguez, Purchasing Manager for Vimifos, “It’s a raw material that has a high protein content. It helps us to reduce the use of wild fish meal. This is important because there is a limited quantity of wild fisheries.”

Watch the shortened 60-second version here. The full versions can be viewed in English and Spanish on the BAP YouTube Channel. Learn more about aquaculture and the BAP program here. Additional versions are also available for social use. Contact our marketing team for more information. Want to learn more about the use of soy in fish feed? Nerd out here.