Retailers and Foodservice Operators Join GSA in First Consumer Campaign for National Seafood Month

Throughout the month of October, the Global Seafood Alliance’s first consumer marketing campaign, “Healthy Fish, Healthy Planet, Healthy You!,”  will culminate with retail and foodservice promotions and consumer communications focused on GSA’s Best Aquaculture Practices certification. Timed to coincide with U.S. National Seafood Month in October, the campaign will educate consumers using earned and social media through GSA channels and via participation by key retailers and foodservice operators.

One of the point of sale assets in BAP’s campaign toolkit.

The campaign was created to heighten awareness of the BAP brand and drive sales of responsibly produced and sourced seafood. Participating retailers and foodservice operators include: Cub, Giant Eagle, Iberostar Hotels, Hannaford, Lidl, Publix, Secret Island Salmon, and WinCo Foods. Campaign partners received a BAP promotion toolkit with print and digital assets to make it easy for them to share about BAP certification and why they choose to make it part of their sourcing policies.

The BAP campaign utilizes research conducted by Changing Tastes, which highlights the significant role certifications like BAP can play in consumer seafood preferences and how the BAP certification positively influences consumer perceptions of retailers and restaurants.

“We are pleased that these important endorsers have joined our National Seafood Month campaign to create awareness about BAP and how it addresses responsible aquaculture,” said Alison Harris, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at GSA. “With their help, we can educate consumers about the assurances behind the BAP label and how grocery stores and restaurants rely on it to make their sourcing decisions.”

Earlier this year, BAP launched a consumer-facing website with information about the BAP program, recipes, nutritional information and more. GSA looks forward to evaluating the results of this first campaign and using them to expand consumer campaigns for BAP to other markets and to create campaigns for its wild seafood certification program, Best Seafood Practices (BSP).

About the Global Seafood Alliance
The Global Seafood Alliance is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing responsible seafood practices through education, advocacy and third-party assurances. Through the development of its Best Aquaculture Practices and Best Seafood Practices certification programs, GSA has become the leading provider of assurances for wild and farmed seafood globally. The organization’s work addresses the full spectrum of responsibility, from environmental responsibility and social accountability to food safety. Established in 1997 as the Global Aquaculture Alliance, GSA is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., USA. To learn more, visit