BAP Logo Policing Results Show 99% Compliance with Guidelines

For the last six quarters, the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) third-party certification program has used a third-party crowdsourcing firm to perform in-store audits of BAP products in retail stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico as part of its logo policing program. This includes answering specific questions about each product regarding country of origin, BAP certification number and star status. The in-store audit also collects photographs of each product.

This program was implemented to ensure that the BAP logo is being used properly according to the BAP Logo Use Guide and to gather additional data on products originating from BAP-certified facilities.

Here are some highlights from the data received thus far:

  • 438 aquaculture products originating from BAP-certified facilities have been reported so far from the third-party
  • 14 major retailers have been visited across 36 states and provinces
  • Four violations for improper logo use have been identified and corrected. Two violations were from India, one was from the United States and one was found in Mexico.
  • There has been 99 percent compliance with the logo guidelines

The results from this exercise have been very encouraging, and the BAP program integrity team will continue to monitor the use of the BAP logo and enforce the BAP logo Use Guide. These audits will be continued to be performed on a quarterly basis, and BAP is looking to expand into new geographical regions.

For more information on BAP logo use, visit the program integrity page to view the latest version of the BAP Logo Use Guide. If you have questions about BAP logo use or the logo policing program, contact