GAA launches Recognized Trainers, Consultants and Experts Program

The Global Aquaculture Alliance has announced the launch of its Recognized Trainers, Consultants and Experts (TCE) program. The program consists of a database of trainers, consultants and experts, hosted on GAA’s MyGAA online community, as a means to connect professionals with aquaculture producers aiming to improve their processes.

The mission of the program is to act as an accessible liaison between professionals and aquaculture facilities. Our trainers, consultants and experts will be able to assist any interested party in making their facilities’ processes more aligned with the four pillars of responsible aquaculture: environmental sustainability, social responsibility, animal health and welfare and food safety. The TCE program is the premier industry facilitator of aquaculture facility improvements.

The journey to certification can be difficult for producers that are not fully prepared for it, which is why GAA created the TCE program. Helping as many of these producers become certified will improve the aquaculture industry as a whole.

Aquaculture facilities that wish to connect with a trainer, consultant or expert can do so via the database on MyGAA – simply search for keywords that match your facility (such as species, your location or which kind of professional you are looking for), and contact the relevant professionals listed in the results.

Recognized trainers, consultants and experts must attend training put on by GAA in order to be officially recognized and added to the database of TCE resources.

The TCE program is another of GAA’s efforts to promote seafood sustainability and to ensure the aquaculture industry continues to develop in a responsible way.

Are you interested in becoming one of our recognized trainers, consultants or experts? We invite you to contact our training program:

To get involved with the TCE program and start contacting our professionals, please check out our Recognized TCE Resources on MyGAA.