GAA Sponsors First Farmed Fish Competition at U.K. ‘Fish Craft Challenge’

The Global Aquaculture Alliance was proud to sponsor the “Inaugural Aquaculture Challenge” at the National Federation of Fishmongers annual Fish Craft Challenge event, which took place on Aug. 28 in Cleethorpes, on the eastern coast of England.

Founded in 1932, the federation hosts the annual competition — typically held over the August Bank Holiday — that showcases the best of the United Kingdom’s fish craftsmen as they demonstrate their skills in a range of exciting competitions.

This year, competitors were tasked with “canoeing” a farmed sea bass; to single fillet a farmed sea bream; to cross-cut a fillet of farmed turbot; and to skin a farmed sole, both sides, and prepare for baking.

The winner of the timed competition was Andrew Barker of Hodgson Fish; second place went to Kevin Todd of Ashton’s Cardiff; third place to Gopal Nandy of M&J Seafoods; and fourth place to Abi-Jayne Threadgill of Hodgson Fish.

“GAA is delighted to see so many craftsmen and women here in the U.K. compete for this prestigious award, and it clearly helps demonstrate the importance and diversity of aquaculture to the retail and foodservice industry,” said Mike Berthet, GAA marketing development manager for the United Kingdom.

The competition, open to anyone involved in the seafood, poultry or game trade, tests the necessary skills to prepare seafood and poultry for use by the consumer — skills provided free of charge by fishmongers when selling fish to the public. The judges are all experienced fishmongers who award points for performance, presentation, hygiene and general appearance.