GAA Films Debuts Episode 4: ‘Aloha for This Place’

GAA Films, the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s documentary short film initiative, has debuted its fourth episode.

Titled “Aloha for This Place,” the eight-minute episode follows the lives of three young fish farmers living on the Big Island of Hawaii. The episode explores what “being Hawaiian” means to these non-native residents and how farming fish affects their interaction with the place they call home, as the fragile, natural balance of Hawaii’s most rugged island will ultimately depend on its residents’ connection to it.

Launched in early 2017, GAA Films tells the untold stories of the people who love, fight for or are transformed by aquaculture.

Three episodes were released last year. Episode 1 features Citlali Gomez, who runs a trout and bullfrog farm started by her mother in central Mexico. Episode 2 spotlights the de Koning family, who immigrated from Holland to farm mussels in Maine with the same techniques they’ve been using for seven generations. Episode 3 features the Harty family and its five siblings, who are farming Europe’s most highly prized oysters on Ireland’s southern cost.

Four episodes are expected to be released this year, with the first being “Aloha for This Place.”

GAA Films is supported through membership, particularly by Premier Partners, GAA’s highest level of membership.

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