GAA Membership: Five Things to Consider

We all pick and choose our memberships carefully. They say something about who we are and what we wish to see in the world. Most people will only belong to a few trustworthy and dedicated efforts over the course of their lifetime, and they’ll expect their affiliation to benefit them in a multitude of ways.

At GAA, we know that where you put your time and money should be a considered choice, so here are five things to note about a membership with us:

1. Public recognition from the industry:

Individual Members, Business Members and Premier Partners are listed on our membership page. Becoming a member is a quick and easy way to tie your ship to responsible and sustainable seafood, without breaking the bank. Membership starts at only $50.

2. Communications tools when you need them:

An important meeting is coming up and you’d like hot-off-the-press materials to show your constituents. Become a member and log into our Member Toolkit for infographics, talking points, templates, and print-ready consumer brochures (just to name a few). These specially designed tools are for GAA Members only.

3. Moving the needle on advocacy work:

Our Premier Partner membership is our highest level of membership, and a portion of this membership fee goes directly to supporting GAA Films. These documentary short films invite the general viewer to witness what aquaculture entails without lengthy explanations and allows them to relate to farmers around the world on a personal level. Far from marketing pieces, these films support GAA’s core mission to advocate for farming done responsibly. Our audience is diverse: veterans of the industry, those new to seafood, or just curious consumers. One of the many benefits available to Premier Partners is the mention of their support at the end of every GAA Film.

4. Save money:

We give deep discounts to our members, whether it’s our own GOAL conference or unique partnering events like the Economist’s World Ocean Summit. Not interested in attending an event? Membership qualifies you for discounts on generous sponsorship packages for your company.

5. Advance your career:

We’ve been in business for over 20 years. Our ties to the industry are far-reaching and our staff is always happy to make an introduction for a member. Don’t forget to follow our active job board on MyGAA, GAA’s online community of more than 2,000 users.


We’d like to extend a big “welcome home” to those passionate about responsibly and sustainably sourced seafood and are ready to step up and invest in its future.