GAA and National Seafood Month: What is your aquaculture question?

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is teaming up with experts in the aquaculture world for a National Seafood Month campaign, and we need your help. More specifically, we need your aquaculture question.

Earlier this summer we asked people in Portsmouth, N.H., What is aquaculture?

The results inspired us to think about the questions that are out there about aquaculture. We will collect aquaculture questions and work to answer them during the Unites States’ National Seafood Month in October. So, in September, we want to hear your questions. What do you want to know about aquaculture?

What is your aquaculture question?Submit your aquaculture question by September 30th, in a blog comment, in the comments sections of Facebook and LinkedIn posts containing this blog content, or on Twitter (include @GAA_Aquaculture and #aquaculturequestion).

Questions will be answered by GAA team members and other leading experts including folks from Seafood Nutrition Partnership, The Nature Conservancy, NOAA and others.

We look forward to creating a comprehensive Q&A piece of content to distribute toward the end of National Seafood Month.

Check back next month to see your question answered on the GAA Blog! Get curious and get asking!