World’s First Hatchery Enrolls In iBAP Program

China’s Progift is the world’s first hatchery, and the fifth facility overall, to enroll in the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s new iBAP program.

Launched in February, the iBAP program — the “i” in “iBAP” represents “improvement”— is designed to provide assistance and encouragement to aquaculture facilities interested in pursuing Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. Facilities that enroll in iBAP agree to a step-by-step, deadline-driven improvement plan. iBAP incentivizes facilities to make the improvements necessary to apply for BAP certification.

Located on Hainan Island, Progift has until May 2016 to complete the program. The Fishin’ Company encouraged and sponsored the hatchery to enroll in the iBAP program, with the assistance of the Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance.

“As part of The Fishin’ Company’s ongoing initiative to provide four-star BAP certified tilapia into the marketplace, we are delighted to announce the enrollment of ProGift into the iBAP program. They have taken a clear leadership position in the industry, and we are proud to partner with them in this endeavor. We hope that this can become a role model for others who share in our passion for achieving the highest levels of food safety, traceability and sustainability across the entire supply chain,” said Manish Kumar, CEO of The Fishin’ Company.

Recently, China’s God Bless Tilapia Bao Fang Farm became Asia’s first aquaculture operation, and the third overall, to enroll in the iBAP program. The farm is one of the many farms that receives fingerlings from ProGift.

Also currently enrolled in the iBAP program are Empacadora Dufer, a shrimp farm in Ecuador; Salmoprocesos S.A., a salmon processing plant in Chile; and Piscifactorías de los Andes, a trout farm in Peru and the first operation to apply for iBAP.

For more information on iBAP, including how to apply, email