Quick and Healthy Seafood Recipes with Barton Seaver

Are you in need of some inspiration for your seafood dishes? Look no further! GAA made the trip up to American seafood chef and author Barton Seaver‘s house earlier this summer and learned how to cook three quick, sustainable and delicious seafood meals. Barton has simplified creating healthy and responsible seafood recipes for you and your family to enjoy–with less than twenty minutes of preparation! GAA worked with Barton to create short videos about each of the recipes to make cooking sustainable seafood more accessible and straightforward.

Grilled Trout with ChimichurriEasy Seafood Recipes - Grilled Trout with Chimichurri

This grilled trout recipe is perfect for these last few weeks of summer while savoring the good weather. “The trout has a nice smoky flavor that is cut by the freshness and acidity of the chimichurri,” chef Barton Seaver says. Watch Barton prepare this dish on his backyard grill here, or find the recipe and ingredients here.

Easy Seafood Recipes - Steamed MusselsSteamed Mussels

The ten minute preparation time combined with Barton’s zesty ingredients make this steamed mussels recipe even better! “Mussels may be the perfect at-home seafood. They are easy to make, delicious, super fast, and endlessly adaptable. You can use any herbs, spices, and liquids you have to impart delicious flavor. Try the recipe below, mix and match your favorite ingredients, or use what you have left in the fridge—it’s hard to go wrong!” Watch Barton prepare this dish here, or find the recipe and ingredients here.


Broiled Tilapia with Yogurt and HerbsEasy Seafood Recipes - Broiled Tilapia with Yogurt and Herbs

Tilapia is a type of fish that, when farmed responsibly, can be extremely healthy and delicious. This recipe is just 182 calories! “Parcook the tilapia before slathering on the sauce to brown it slightly. Look for fillets with even thickness, but if you can’t find them, fold the thin end of the fillet under itself to encourage even cooking. Serve this with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or American Pinot Gris–both pick up on the floral and herbal notes and accentuate the topping’s acidity.” Watch Barton prepare this dish here, or find the recipe and ingredients here.

Please enjoy these videos and recipes to create quick, healthier and sustainable options for you and your family!