Relaunch of Strategic-Partnership Program Attracts 40 New GAA Members

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is pleased to announce that since the relaunch of its strategic-partnership program in early September, 40 member-based associations from 26 countries have joined GAA as strategic partners. Thus far, those 40 associations have enrolled a total of about 455 members, but the intention is to embrace the full global aquaculture community.

The objective of GAA’s strategic-partnership program is to enhance communication and information sharing within the global aquaculture community. These cost-free, non-binding agreements provide GAA’s strategic partners with access to GAA’s aquaculture directory, Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine, Connect discussion forum, Aquademia podcast, GAA Films and access to Day 1 of GAA’s prestigious GOAL conference, which was held virtually for the first time in early October.

In exchange, GAA requests reciprocal exchange of newsletters or other information from associations as well as access to aquaculture production data that the association may collect for GAA’s exclusive aquaculture production survey, the results of which are presented at the annual GOAL conference.

“We look forward to sharing information and interconnecting aquaculturists from around the world. We have much to learn from each other, and such networking and collaboration will greatly accelerate our collective progress,” said GAA President and Founder George Chamberlain.

GAA’s strategic-partnerships program is geared toward aquaculture associations, whether global, regional, national or provincial. Those associations may be focused on a particular species or on a particular segment of the value chain such as hatchery, farm, feed mill, or processing plant. Non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, research and marketing institutions, and other non-commercial aquaculture entities are also encouraged to join GAA as strategic partners.

The 38 associations enrolled thus far are Asociación de Exportadores de Guatemala (AGEXPORT), All India Shrimp Hatcheries Association, Aquaculture New Zealand, Aquatic Livelihoods, Asociación Nacional De Acuicultores,RD (ADOA), Associacao Brasileira de Criadores de Camarao (ABCC), Associação Moçambicana de Aquacultura, Camara Nacional de Acuacultura (CNA), Catfish And Allied Fish Farmers Association Of Nigeria (CAFFAN), Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana, China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA), Club Innovación Acuicola, Conseju Nacional de Fabricantes de Alimentos Balanceados y de la Nutricion Animal, AC (CONAFAB), Conxemar, European Aquaculture Society, Feed Mill Association (GPMT), Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON), GAPCM, Group FEDEACUA Colombia, Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance, IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation, Indonesia Aquaculture Society (MAI), Intesal, Malaysian Aquaculture Industry Federation (MAIF), McCluney Seafood Strategies, National Aquaculture Society of Peru (SNA), Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, Panamanian Aquaculture Association (ASPAC), Procession Association (APSI), SalmonChile, Seafood Importers and, Processors Alliance (SIPA), Shrimp Club (SCI), Society of Aquaculture Professionals (SAP), Sri Lanka Association for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (SLAFAR), Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Taiwan Aquaculture Consortium, Thai Frozen Food Association (TFFA), Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS), Vietnam Seaculture Association (VSA) and World Aquaculture Society (WAS)

About GAA
The Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. Through the development of its Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards, GAA has become the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood.