Latin American Wholesaler Backs BAP Certification Program

January, 2015

Add Makro Supermayorista S.A. to the growing list of wholesalers, retailers and foodservice operators worldwide that endorse the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) third-party certification program, the Global Aquaculture Alliance announced in late January.

Makro is the first major Latin American wholesaler to endorse the BAP program. It is adopting BAP certification as part of a company-wide sustainability initiative, working with its suppliers to ensure that its farmed seafood, when available, is sourced from a BAP-certified facility.

Based in Lima, Peru, Makro Supermayorista S.A. is a cash-and-carry wholesaler, selling food and non-food products to registered professional buyers, including small- and medium-sized retailers, caterers and the institutional foodservice. Makro is part of the Dutch SHV Group and has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

Makro offers a number of farmed seafood species, including tilapia, Pangasius, trout, salmon and shrimp. The BAP logo will first appear on packaging for tilapia fillets.

About BAP
A division of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Best Aquaculture Practices is an international certification program based on achievable, science-based and continuously improved performance standards for the entire aquaculture supply chain — farms, hatcheries, processing plants and feed mills — that assure healthful foods produced through environmentally and socially responsible means. BAP certification is based on independent audits that evaluate compliance with the BAP standards developed by the Global Aquaculture Alliance.