GSA Corporate Member Feature: J.J. McDonnell, Excellence in Seafood

This blog post features one of GSA’s Corporate Members, J.J. McDonnell & Co., Inc. J.J. McDonnell is a supplier of seafood products and knowledge, with a reputation of a wide selection of seafood and high-quality products. Corporate Membership is the closest way a company can align itself with GSA, and we thank J.J. McDonnell for their support of the work GSA does to advance responsible seafood practices.

J.J. McDonnell was founded in 1945 and originally located in the downtown Baltimore Seafood Market. In 1984, the company relocated to the Maryland Seafood Market in Jessup, Maryland. In 2016 a new 60,000 sq ft facility was built in Elkridge, Maryland, where we currently reside. Our building boasts cutting edge technology ensuring the cold chain is never broken and product is always fresh. With over 200 full-time employees J.J. McDonnell has established a market leadership position in Maryland, Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, as a provider of high-quality seafood products and services.

J.J. McDonnell & Co is committed to being a leader in the seafood industry by supporting a sustainable future. Responsible sourcing not only includes the health of the fisheries but also the social and environmental aspects. Our commitment goes beyond merely our sourcing strategies as we also take the initiative to educate our customers and our team. We partner with local fishermen on the east coast to source ‘closer to the boat’. By doing this, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but this opportunity also allows us to be directly connected with the source of our product to strengthen our traceability measures.

J.J. McDonnell & Co supports and sources various species from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified fisheries, ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified farms, as well as Global Seafood Alliance’s BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified facilities. We are active members of Sea Pact, a group of 10 North American seafood companies collaborating to fund projects to better our industry and drive stewardship with continuous improvements of social, economic, and environmental responsibilities through the global seafood supply chain. J.J. McDonnell are also a member of the National Fisheries Institute, Global Seafood Alliance, and work closely with the State of Maryland on our most impactful means to support Maryland fisheries and best give back to the community.

J.J. McDonnell prides itself on being a company that offers more than just a product, we offer our customers a wealth of knowledge, information and education about the seafood industry and the product our customers are buying and serving. It’s our pleasure and purpose to provide seafood products, services, and support that will enable our customers to enhance their own businesses. Our commitment to community outreach is a common value within the company and its employees, we are passionate about giving back.

J.J. McDonnell & Co., Inc. Team

Excellence in Seafood

Thanks for being a member, J.J. McDonnell!