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Bor Shang Biotech Feed Co. Ltd. (Zhanjiang) was founded in 1988 and located at Guandu Industrial zone, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong, China.

As the Chinese branch of Bor Shanq Sheng Huah Co. Ltd. (TAIWAN), which was founded in the 1960s, the company focuses on R&D and sales of aquaculture feed and animal health products.

The major products of Bor Shang are aquaculture feeds, feed additives, water conditioners, soil conditioners, organic fertilizers and fishing machinery equipment, with more than 100 types of products. Bonasse (Bor Shang own brand) products warmly welcomed by the shrimp hatcheries at the east coast of China with No.2 market share in China in the industry, and goods sold to the southeast Asian countries as well.

bonasseBor Shang’s business philosophy is “professionals, concentration, innovation and win-win,” which helps us get a high quality of development and good reputation in the industry.

During 20 years of hard work, the Bonasse brand and Bor Shang company won the approval of its customers and the positive feedback from the market. The company earns the honors such as “high and new tech enterprises,” “the famous brand,” “the leading agricultural enterprises and contract” and “credit enterprise” in Guangdong,

Management system: lS022000:2005, HACCP


shanna songBrief introduction of Bonuses Chairman Mrs. Song Shanna.

1970: Graduated from Kunming Medical College

1970-1984: Worked as a doctor in the Kunming Hospital

1984: Started her own brilliant entrepreneurial career in Zhanjiang City

2000-2001: Continued her own study and finish her bachelor’s degree in National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE)

2001: Mrs. Song Shanna found Bor Shang Biotech Feed Co. Ltd. (Zhanjiang)

Present: Mrs. Song owns and is the chairman of Bor Shang Biotech Feed Co. Ltd., Bor Shanq Sheng Huah Co. Ltd (TAIWAN)

Mrs. Song now is the vice president of Zhanjiang Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association.

The Bor Shang supplies products and services for shrimp hatcheries and farmers, handling lots of the post-larvae tests, producing larval foods and animal health products.

After 20 years nurtured carefully, the brand “Bonasse” is known by one and all. With high-technology feeding and production from Taiwan, the company built a scientific, environmental, high quality production line. Bor Shang is the first company who introduced the vannamei shrimp fry to China, and created a trend of white leg shrimp feeding in China. The Bor Shang concentrated on shrimp larval diets for more than 30 years.

With the main products as below:

1) The shrimp flake products

Totally, we have nine types of shrimp flakes — the “Ba-Gua High-class Shrimp Flake” and Bonasse High-class Two-color Shrimp Flake are the ones of the representatives, and also the two products won the Guangdong famous brands

2) Water conditioners

The Bor Shang have totally 13 types of the products of the shrimp water conditioners, specially the Rhodogen and Zeolite powder.

3) Health enhancers

The microcapsule coated feed “Pearly B.P.,” “shrimp nutrition bs-505” and other nine products are warmly welcomed by customers.

4) Feed products

The “microparticle compound feed” and the “Larvae Protection AA” are other nine products that are our major feed products.

5) Digestion of intestines

The Nasdaq and the Digestive Agent and other three kinds of products helps and improves the larval digestive system, and prevents diarrhea.

6) Illness prevention

More than 10 products for shrimp illness prevention, the BKC as one of the products.

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No. 10, North Industrial Avenue, Guandu Park (E Zone), Science and Technology Industrial Park, Potou District, Zhanjiang City,Guangdong Province,China


Cell: +86 18218452997


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