Iain Shone To Continue With GAA As Development Director

August, 2014

The Global Aquaculture Alliainshoneiance (GAA) is delighted to announce that long-time supporter Iain Shone will continue with the organization, acting as its Development Director.

Shone has been committed to GAA’s mission of responsible aquaculture for 15 years, supporting the development the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) third-party certification program from the outset and guiding the organization’s evolution as a Director on the Board. Previously, Shone served on GAA’s Executive Committee, representing Lyons Seafoods Ltd. He acted as the UK supplier’s Director of Sourcing until stepping down last month.

Effective August 26, Shone will be joining GAA on a part-time basis to support the development of GAA and BAP activities. He will report to GAA Executive Director Wally Stevens.

His experience and knowledge of the full seafood supply chain as a member of Lyons’ management team, his recognition as an industry statesman and his understanding and enthusiastic support for the work of GAA will be of great value to the organization as it moves forward, said Stevens.

“We are delighted that Iain will remain with GAA as its Development Director,” he added. “He is an asset for continuing to advance our program development.”

Added Shone, “GAA is a tremendous organization. It has achieved so much positive change throughout the globe for our industry. Its an honor to continue to serve and to help contribute to improving and developing responsible seafood production.”

About GAA
The Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. Through the development of its Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards, GAA has become the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood. For more information, visit gaalliance.org.