BAP Spotlight Story: DATAJ Aquafarm Inc.

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program’s “Spotlight Series” highlights BAP-certified producers around the world and the stories of the people behind them. This Spotlight Story features DATAJ Aquafarm Inc., a shrimp farm in the Philippines. Questions answered by Marian Cristi Tamayo, President of DATAJ.

What inspired you to become involved in the seafood industry?

There are several considerations to describe my inspiration to becoming involved in the seafood industry. First is family. It is my grandfather who is a farmer and a fisherman, and that ignited everything. It is through farming and fishing that he fed his family, including my father Danilo D. Tamayo.

When was your company established and how many employees are there?

DATAJ was established in January 2009. There are 204 employees

How has the aquaculture industry impacted your life personally?

Aquaculture has changed my perception in so many ways such as caring of our product. There are things to consider like biosecurity, feeding and culturing. This taught me that if I want my colleagues to get better I need to consider things such as what makes them happy, what do they need and what makes them do the things I want to get done. Getting good result is not easy. Coordination and cooperation with others are factors to achieve our common goals.

How is your company involved in the local community?

We conduct tree plantings, have a feeding program and conduct gift giving.

What year did your facility become BAP-certified, and what were the main motivators in deciding to do so?

We became BAP-certified in 2015. One of our motivations is to ensure that we consistently satisfy our buyers by providing them with a high quality product and timely delivery/service. Also, being certified by BAP boosts our global competency.

How has becoming certified improved your business?

Being certified by BAP has been one of our edges, as the BAP standards address environmental responsibility, social responsibility, animal welfare, food and safety and traceability.


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