How You Can Put the Ocean First on World Oceans Day

Each year on World Oceans Day, Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) raises awareness about the importance of keeping our planet’s most valuable resource healthy. GSA’s unique connection with the ocean inspires us to do everything we can to continue to preserve it: through education and advocacy work, by providing third-party assurances through the Best Aquaculture Practices and Best Seafood Practices certification programs, and through GSA’s partnership with Responsible Fisheries Management.

A Vital Part of Earth’s Ecosystem

What motivates GSA to work so hard to protect the water that surrounds us? The impact of climate change, biodiversity losses and pollution is endangering the livelihoods, food security, and safety of those who rely on the ocean.

Covering more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, there is an urgent need to responsibly use and manage this vast, essential ecosystem. The ocean and waterways play a crucial role in supporting:

Climate Regulation

The ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating climate and weather patterns.

Economic Growth & Coastal Communities

The ocean is a major source of food and income for billions of people, especially the world’s poorest.

Millions of Animal & Plant Species

One of the main repositories of the world’s biodiversity, the ocean contains some 250,000 known species, with many more yet to be discovered.

Tides Are Changing

Underwater plants over starry background to celebrate World Oceans Day 2023: Planet OceanUnited Nations World Oceans Day 2023 theme, “Planet Ocean,” we recognize the potential for each of us to make a profound difference: For ourselves, for our companies and for society.

Here at GSA, we’ll continue to join forces with seafood industry leaders, academia and NGOs to collaborate on issues like environmental and social responsibility, animal health and welfare, and food safety. By advancing responsible seafood practices, we can help protect the ocean and ensure that it remains healthy for generations to come. Let’s work collaboratively to find solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Three Ways You Can Put the Ocean First This Oceans Day

There is so much to appreciate about the water that surrounds us. Here are three ways you can put the ocean first on Oceans Day and all throughout World Ocean Month:

1. Choose certified seafood

Ensure you’re buying seafood that was produced responsibly by looking for the BAP label or asking your local retailer about where they source their seafood from.

2. Think twice about plastic

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to ocean health worldwide. Try thinking of ways to reduce single-use plastics, be sure to properly disposing of trash or recycling after a trip to the beach, or volunteer at a local clean up.

3. Join the GSA community

Become a member of GSA to be a part of the global and growing voice that is changing the practices and perceptions of seafood. Individual membership costs just $50 a year.