Moving Fish Farming Forward One Conversation at a Time

Full Circle — Journey of a WatermanAt the Global Aquaculture Alliance, we believe fish farming is part of the solution to the growing population’s protein predicament. Our mission is to promote responsible aquaculture practices through education, advocacy and demonstration. And, while this future-of-food topic resonates with almost everyone (we all have to eat, right?), we’re always interested to learn how aquaculture uniquely impacts and is perceived by certain groups of people. We need the support of individuals and businesses to do the work that we do as an international nonprofit, so we dive right in to as many conversations as we can and take notes.

Earlier this year, “Full Circle — Journey of a Waterman,” a documentary short film about aquaculture and the surfing community, debuted at Seafood Expo North America. GAA applauds all involved in this project — filmmaker Eric Wolfinger and his team, executive producer Jennifer Bushman, world-renowned surfer Jamie Mitchell, who was willing to open his mind and travel with his surf board to go behind the scenes of an aquaculture operation, and the aquaculture companies for being so transparent and forthcoming.

We look forward to what comes next in this journey. Because, as Emilia Wakamatsu said in the recently released GAA Film “Aloha for This Place”, “…with time and with lots of little conversations with people who are curious about it [aquaculture], we can change some minds.”

Thank you to “Full Circle – Journey of a Waterman” for creating a conversation with an influential group of open-minded people who cherish the ocean and want to see it thrive for generations to come. We’re so very proud of all the work being done to advance responsible and sustainable aquaculture. In an industry full of innovative and passionate professionals, it’s nice to know that we’re all in this together. The potential is incredible. Let’s get to work!

The full-length film can be viewed on the Surfline website.