Choice Canning becomes first India-based Corporate Member of GSA

This blog post features GSA’s first India-based corporate member, Choice Canning Company. It is a division of Choice Trading Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Jose Thomas and Thomas Jose at GOAL 2022 in Seattle.

From its inception, Choice Canning Company has had a tradition of being first in the seafood industry. Choice was the first company in India to establish a completely integrated and automated state-of-the-art factory for processing ready-to-eat shrimp in retail bags. Choice is also the first company in India to introduce fully automated high-tech systems for individually quick frozen (IQF) shrimp. It is the first seafood company to earn the prestigious ISO 9002 Certification. The company is EU certified and certified by National Standard; its finished products are exported mainly to the USA and Canada. Choice Canning’s primary seafood business is focused on shrimp. The company has been at the forefront of seafood business since its inception.

Established in 1953 by the late Mr. O.C. Thomas, Choice Group processed and exported canned shrimp and thus it was named Choice Canning Company. When canning technology became outdated in the 1970s, freezing technology was adopted. Processing plants provided value addition in 1990. Today, the Choice Group is a third-generation multinational business that has expanded to include seafood, construction, education and shipping. Recently, Choice Canning celebrated 70 years in the business.

Jose Thomas has led Choice Canning for the past 50 years, with his feet planted firmly on the ground, guiding his team of committed individuals to aim for the stars. Their ultimate objective is to position the company as a world leader in the food processing industry. They are marching toward this goal with dedicated zeal. They have well-placed offices in various parts of India, the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

After being the platinum sponsor of GOAL 2022 in Seattle, USA, Choice Canning Co. joined GSA as a corporate member, making it the first India-based company supporting BAP certification to do so.

Thank you Choice Canning for your support of our work at the Global Seafood Alliance through Corporate Membership.