Wright Brothers UK Endorses BAP Certification Program

Brothers-in-law Ben (left) and Robin founded Wright Brothers UK 20 years ago.

Prominent seafood supplier Wright Brothers UK has endorsed the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program, the Global Seafood Alliance has announced.

Wright Brothers UK is the leading seafood supplier in the UK, providing seafood to more than 500 restaurants around the region. The company also has three London restaurants and a delivery service, Wright Brothers at Home, which allows customers to have their favorite seafood products delivered to their doors. Their products include salmon, shrimp, shellfish, trout and more.

“At Wright Bros we strive to source responsibly in the ‘Wright Way’ and so we are delighted to be able to add Best Aquaculture Practices certification to our sourcing policy,” said Robin Hancock, Founder and COO. “BAP standards’ four pillars represent our requirements for social welfare, food safety, animal welfare and the environment for farmed seafood.”

Wright Brothers sources king prawns from BAP-certified producers.

Said Mike Berthet, UK Market Development Manager, “We are thrilled to welcome Wright Brothers UK to our community of BAP endorsers. Their decision to align with BAP underscores their commitment to providing their customers with not only top-quality products, but products that are produced in a responsible and ethical manner.”

About the Global Seafood Alliance

The Global Seafood Alliance is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing responsible seafood practices through education, advocacy and third-party assurances. Through the development of its certification programs, GSA has become the leading provider of assurances for wild and farmed seafood globally. The organization’s work addresses the full spectrum of responsibility, from environmental responsibility and social accountability to food safety. Established in 1997 as the Global Aquaculture Alliance, GSA is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., USA. To learn more, visit www.globalseafood.org