Global Seafood Alliance: 25 years in the making | Reflecting on our “Why”

After reflecting upon our last 25 years in business,  lessons learned over the years, and our top 25 podcast episodes, we are now reminiscing about why we do the work we do here at the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA). We asked GSA staff about their “why” as a last official celebration of our 25th anniversary in 2022. Read on to see what our staff said, and how our community wholeheartedly believes in the power of individual contributions adding up to impactful change. 

Why do we work for the Global Seafood Alliance?

We work for GSA because we care about ending hunger and meeting global food security needs; 

…because we care about fairness, equity and decent work; 

…because we care about responsible consumption and production; 

…because we care about how our food choices contribute to climate solutions; 

…because we care about the health of our oceans. 

We work for GSA because seafood comes from all corners of the world, and we all deserve to know where it comes from, and how it was produced; 

…because the world’s top markets demand assurances of responsibility within their supply chains; 

…because we want a level playing field for everyone working in seafood – men and women 

…because responsible seafood production is not a destination, it’s a journey, and we are on it with you; 

…because small-scale farmers and fishers deserve a voice, the tools to employ best practices, and a space to convene and share knowledge. 

We work for GSA because even if our individual contributions may be small, we make a significant difference working together. For the fisherpeople. For the farmers. For seafood workers.  For the marketplace.  For seafood lovers, everywhere.  For our health.  For our planet.  

To GSA members, to our certification holders, to our marketplace partners and endorsers, and to seafood consumers around the world, thank you for your support in 2022. You have allowed everyone here at the Global Seafood Alliance to do what we do best. 

At the end of 2022, GSA Founder & President, George Chamberlain, will be retiring from his current role at the organization. Without George’s bold visions for the future and his ability to lead and enact powerful change, GSA would not be the world-class organization as it exists today. We thank George for his tireless work over the past 25 years to advance the responsible seafood space. Cheers to the next 25 years! 

As George once shared with the organization,

The REAL American Dream is not about a garage full of new cars, winning the lottery, or retiring to a life of ease in Florida. It’s about doing work that has meaning, work that makes a difference, and doing that work with people you care about.

– Joe Tye 

George, you’ve created enough meaningful change to last decades into the future. Congratulations on a retirement well-earned!