Top 25 Episodes of Aquademia Podcast

Aquademia PodcastIn honor of Global Seafood Alliance’s 25th anniversary, we’re reminiscing about the last four years of the Aquademia Podcast. Looking for something to listen to? We’ve rounded up our most popular episodes all in one place for you to explore.

25. EP. 7 | Seafood 101 – Where Do I Start?: Nine in 10 Americans are falling short of meeting the recommended two servings of seafood per week. Not sure where to start with seafood? Join Shaun and Justin as they hear from experts Molly Jacques and Sherri Clerk about the basics of seafood. Listen now!

24. EP. 3 | Seafood & Global Climate Change: How is seafood connected with Global Climate Change? We talk about the basics of climate change, how it is connected with seafood, and what needs to change moving forward. Let’s talk about seafood. Listen now!

23. EP. 25 | The Future of Food is Seafood with Nick Mendoza: Nick Mendoza is the Founder and CEO of OneForNeptune, a fish jerky company that became the number one food product on Kickstarter in Summer 2018. Join Aquademia as we hear Nick’s stories from working on the seas and on farms his whole life, how he got the name OneForNeptune, and why fish jerky. Nick is also a member of the GAA 30 Under 30. Listen now!

22. EP. 137 | Insect Proteins and Other Novel Feed Ingredients with Andrew Richardson of Innovafeed: Using ground up insects as a protein source sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but in the world of aquaculture feed ingredients, insect meal is a hot topic and a popular alternative. In this episode, Andrew Richardson, the Aquaculture Product Manager at Innovafeed, joined us to talk about novel feed ingredients like insect and algal proteins, and how they impact the sustainability of aquaculture feed. It’s a fascinating conversation that you won’t want to miss! Listen now!

21. EP. 51 | Roundtable Discussion: Come Together – Uniting the Wild and Farmed Seafood Sectors: In order to truly educate the public and advocate for everyone to eat more seafood, the wild and farmed sectors of the seafood industry must unify their messaging and come together. In January 2020, GAA hosted the first Come Together livestream roundtable event, and this is the audio of the discussion. Listen now!

20. EP. 44 | Holiday Recipes with Chopped Champion Chef Chris Holland: Chef Chris Holland is a two-time champion of the Food Network show Chopped, and is an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which is near and dear to the Aquademia Team. In this episode, Chris and the team talk about the impacts of living with MS, and how that relates to seafood. Chris also talks about how he sources seafood, how he cooks with it, and some holiday seafood recipes. Listen now!

19. EP. 71 | How Blockchain Can Work for Seafood with Henry Ines of GoChain & Paul Keefe: Henry Ines and Paul Keefe both have had accomplished careers in the IT sphere – and both of them have ended up working with Blockchain technology. What in the world does Blockchain have to do with seafood, you ask? A whole lot. Find out more in this episode! Listen now!

18. EP. 116 | Seafood Career Pathways: Jerry Fraser, Fisherman Turned Journalist: If you could join your past work experiences with your passion, what would your career be? Join us as we sit down with fisherman-turned-journalist Jerry Frasier as he walks us through his career pathway and shares some amazing stories along the way! Listen now!

17. EP. 129 | Conservation through Utilization with Dallas Abel of the Kai Ika Project: In previous episodes, we’ve discussed various uses of discarded fish parts, from grinding into fish meal to utilizing it as fertilizer, but sometimes there’s a simpler solution: eat it! There’s a lot of food in those fish heads and frames, and some populations consider the heads a delicacy. The Kai Ika project is set up to bring those discarded fish heads and frames to the people that want them. Dallas Abel joined us to talk about their mission of Conservation through Utilization. Kai Ika is an honorable project that everyone should know about! Listen now!

16. EP. 131 | Seafood Career Pathways: Fishing the Bering Sea with Capt. Jack Molan: Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work out at sea? Captain Jack Molan joined Aquademia to tell the story of his career as a fishing vessel captain on the Bering Sea. He shares some amazing stories, insightful advice, and is living proof that you don’t need to be born into fishing to be a successful fisherman. Listen now!

15. EP. 143 | Seafood Career Pathways: Seafood Titan Ken Corpron: If you want to build bridges for a living, you have to go where the rivers are. Nobody relates to that sentiment more than Ken Corpron. Ken joined the Aquademia team and shared the story of his diverse career in seafood, working in different facets of the industry all around the world. Listen to Ken’s story and be ready to take notes, because he drops some serious knowledge in this Career Pathways episode. Listen now!

14. EP. 112 | Seafood Innovations: Product Tracking Made Simpler with Chip Terry of BlueTrace: The seafood industry is one that is totally open to innovation and change. Chip Terry, the Founder and CEO of BlueTrace, is on the cutting edge of one of the waves of tech sweeping the industry: traceability. Chip joins the show to talk about the challenges shellfish growers face and how BlueTrace helps solve them by being the simplest shellfish aquaculture management platform. The platform helps shellfish farmers manage their teams, optimize their farm activities, and plan their harvests. Listen now!

13. EP. 156 | How Buying Seafood for Retail Works with Bob Cerullo of Wakefern Food Corp.: Most people get their seafood from a grocery store/retailer, but have you ever thought about where that retailer got that seafood? What does the process for bringing fresh, high-quality seafood into a retailer look like? How does the system work? Wakefern Food Corp. Director of Seafood Bob Cerullo sits down with us to give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown of how your seafood finds its way to store shelves. Listen now!

12. EP. 65 | 5 Unusual Seafood Dishes You Probably Haven’t Tried: A more lighthearted episode – Shaun picked out five unusual seafood dishes and the team discussed if we had tried them or if we would be adventurous enough to give them a try. Have you heard of these dishes before? Listen now!

11. EP. 86 | Seafood Career Pathways: Simao Zacarias, 2020 Innovation Award Winner: Aquaculture has brought Simao from his native country of Mozambique to almost every continent – his story and seafood career pathway is one you won’t want to miss. Most recently, he won the Global Aquaculture Innovation Award for his incredibly findings after years of researching shrimp eyestalk ablation. Listen now!

10. EP. 136 | Minorities in Aquaculture (MIA) with Imani Black: Every industry has some level of underrepresentation for various minority groups, and those groups need a champion to bring about the changes needed to raise those groups up and improve inclusion across the industry. For women of color, Imani Black is that champion, and she was gracious enough to join us on Aquademia to talk about her non-profit, Minorities in Aquaculture, its mission and goals, and the success they’ve had in just a few short years! Listen now!

9. EP. 13 | Seafood Innovations: Kelp Farming with Markos Scheer of Seagrove Kelp Co.: The process of growing kelp enhances the water around it, is a counter agent to ocean acidification and is the most sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly agriculture on the planet. Shaun and Justin interview Markos Scheer of Seagrove Kelp from Alaska about the benefits of kelp farming. Listen now!

8. EP. 105 | Top 5 Consumed Seafood Species Worldwide in 2021: The pandemic has changed how we eat seafood. So…what are the top most consumed seafood species in 2021? Listen now!

7. EP. 125 | Investing in seafood with Larsen Mettler of S2G Ventures: In this industry, we see a lot of big dreams for innovation and positive change. But these dreams can’t be achieved on positive attitudes alone, a lot of them need funding. Enjoy this conversation with Larsen Mettler from S2G Ventures about making key investments in the seafood industry! Listen now!

6. EP. 30 | Starting a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) with Eric Pedersen and Jess McGuire: Eric Pedersen and Jess McGuire are part of the IdealFish team, which is an up-and-coming Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) located in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. Listen now!

5. EP. 1 | Earth’s Got Issues.: What are some of the major issues facing our planet right now? How is seafood connected to these issues? The Earth’s got issues. What can we, as seafood lovers, do to help? Listen now!

4. EP. 101 | Seafood Innovations: Ocean Forecasting with Jonathan and Craig of Scoot Science: Join us for a discussion about the up-and-coming field of ocean forecasting and its relation to how it can improve the efficiency of aquaculture. Listen now!

3. EP. 151 | Career Pathways: Jose Thomas of Choice Canning Co.: Entrepreneur Jose Thomas of Choice Canning Co. joined the Aquademia crew to share the story of his career, from sleeping on the floor in his Queens, NY apartment to running multiple successful food processing facilities. His story is insightful and inspiring, and this episode is definitely one you won’t want to miss! Listen now!

2. EP. 97 | Seafood Innovations: Nanobubbles: Ever heard of nanobubbles? The technology innovation is about to take the aquaculture industry by storm, creating efficiencies for fish farming and management. Warren Russell of nanobubble company Moleaer joins Aquademia to tell us about the new developments. Listen now!

1.EP. 122 | The Truth About Shockumentary Filmmaking: Over the last few years, the seafood industry has been the target of shockumentary films like Seaspiracy and Eating Our Way to Extinction, and has had to react to widespread misinformation as a result. What can we, as an industry, do to be more proactive in delivering real information to consumers, and prepare for future media targeted against seafood? Join us for a fascinating and exciting conversation with Ian Roberts from MOWI and Steve Hedlund from GSA on this very subject. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this one! Listen now!

Bonus: EP. 15 | Species Spotlight: Tilapia – Part 1: The Gateway Fish: The next in our species spotlight series – Tilapia! There is so much to talk about with this species: its history, why it’s a great example of how aquaculture can make the seafood industry more sustainable, and its misconceptions. This episode, the Aquademia team interviews tilapia expert Denise Gurshin, who has worked with tilapia since the mid-1990s. Listen now!