BAP Mollusk Farm Standard Issue 1.1 Now Mandatory

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Mollusk Farm Standard Issue 1.1, which replaces Issue 1.0, is now mandatory for all new and recertifying producers. The most significant changes made to Issue 1.1 are as follows:

• The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard has changed, removing “fed” species of mollusks (such as whelks and abalone), which will now be covered in the new BAP Farm Standard.

• The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard now also includes extensively farmed sea cucumbers (Holothurian echinoderms).

• The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard does not include intensive land-based or floating grow-out or nursery systems in raceways, ponds or tanks, which are covered by the respective BAP Farm Standard or BAP Hatchery and Nursery Standard.

• Section 11 (Environment — Fishmeal, Fish Oil and Kelp Conservation) from Issue 1.0 has been removed in its entirety. What was Section 12 (Food Safety — Control of Potential Food Safety Hazards) in Issue 1.0 is now Section 11 in Issue 1.1, and what was Section 13 (Traceability — Record-Keeping Requirement) in Issue 1.0 is now Section 12 in Issue 1.1. Clauses have been renumbered accordingly.

Stakeholders interested in applying or learning more about these changes are encouraged to reach out to us at We appreciate our certified producers’ continued commitment to responsibly farmed seafood.