Introducing Global Seafood Alliance: A Letter from George Chamberlain

Global Seafood Alliance logoIt’s hard to believe sometimes, but it was nearly 25 years ago that I became part of the team that founded the Global Aquaculture Alliance, a fledgling group of shrimp producers and buyers who believed that wider industry collaboration was the key to overcoming the major environmental and social license challenges they were facing. As an association, GAA faced an uncertain future in its early days, but we felt strongly that the only way for the industry to reach its full potential was to unify and focus on sustainable development. We’re proud of the continuous improvement and growth that has been achieved.

Our group’s evolution and growth is continuing. GAA has officially become the Global Seafood Alliance, a major turning point in our history as we seek to broaden our reach in the seafood industry. The same approach we took to building the world-leading Best Aquaculture Practices certification program – as well as our events, publications and educational content – will be applied to an exciting new world for us with Best Seafood Practices. As we enter this new era of operations, starting with certifying responsible fishing vessels, we do so with great respect for the traditions and heritage of commercial fishing communities around the world. We hope to learn and grow alongside them.

Our name may have changed, but environmental and social responsibility in seafood remain our top priorities. Whether you have been with us on our entire journey over the past quarter-century, or you’re just getting to know us, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for helping us grow and build the Global Seafood Alliance into what it is today – and what it will become. Together we can help the global seafood industry achieve its full potential to feed the world.

Looking for more information about our rebranding? Read the press release, or explore our new GSA Toolkit with all of the information and file downloads you might need. We hope you enjoy our new website!


George ChamberlinAll the best,

George Chamberlain, President, GSA