GAA Looks Back on GOAL 2020 Ahead of 2021 Event Launch

We’re opening up access to the GOAL 2020 conference content to give you a taste of what’s in store for GOAL 2021. Held virtually for the first time ever in 2020, the event featured 50 speakers from almost 20 countries. Typically, GOAL content is only available to GAA members following the event, but we’ve decided to unlock a handful of popular sessions for our non-member audience to explore.

So take a look around at the menu below. And, if you like what you see, join us as a GAA member to gain access to GOAL 2021 Session 1, “Tomorrow’s Aquaculture Will Be Shaped by Today’s Emerging Technologies” on April 15. This is the first in a series of half-day virtual events running from April to October.

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Food System Transformation – Challenges & Opportunities: GOAL 2020 Keynote Address

The opening session of GOAL 2020 included a keynote presentation from Dr. Peer Ederer, program and science director at Switzerland-based Global Food and Agribusiness Network (GFAN), exploring the challenges and opportunities for aquaculture, as animal-sourced food production comes under even more public scrutiny.


GOAL 2020 Session #2 – This Changes Everything: Paradigm-Shifting Aquaculture Production Systems and the Pioneers Behind Them

Who is pioneering the next generation of aquaculture production systems for shrimp and finfish? For aquaculture to meet its immense potential in feeding a growing global population with a minimal environmental impact, these pioneers must push the boundaries and redefine what’s possible.


GOAL 2020 Session #3 – Health Check: Updates on Shrimp Disease Management and Finfish Welfare

Session #3 of GOAL 2020 included Huang Jie, director general of the Network of Aquaculture Centres, who gave an update on the management of emerging shrimp diseases, including Decapod Iridescent Virus 1 (DIV1) and a new disease commonly referred to as “glass post-larvae disease.” Also, presenting was Belinda Yaxley, country coordinator for Australia and New Zealand for the Best Aquaculture Practices certification program, who shared the results of a multi-year GAA-administered study designed to identify and strengthen best practices for animal welfare in aquaculture.


GOAL 2020 Session #5 – Big Names, Big Targets: The Business Case for Sustainability and Collaboration

Big names are setting big targets aimed at pushing a company’s — and the industry’s — boundaries on sustainability as it relates to novel feed ingredients, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions, and worker voice and social equity. In GOAL 2020 Session #5, heads of sustainability at leading players in the seafood production, feed, retail and foodservice sectors delineated the importance of collaboration as well as the business case for sustainability to be at the heart of corporate strategy.


GOAL 2020 Session #6 – Predicting the Unpredictable: Seafood Trading, Marketing and Consumption in a COVID-19 World – Asia and Oceania

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted businesses throughout Asia and Oceania. In GOAL 2021 Session #6, leading players in the seafood production, supply and retail sectors explored the growing interest in sourcing sustainable seafood, the role that the Olympic Games and certification programs play in driving change, and the production and supply disruptions caused by COVID-19.


GOAL 2020 Session #8 – To the Extremes: Plotting Aquaculture’s Land-Based and Offshore Trajectories

Historically, marine fish farming has been limited to near-shore waters. But sustainability and investment trends indicate greater interest at aquaculture’s extremes — on land and farther offshore, and for more species than just salmon. Two panel discussions convened with leaders in both recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and other land-based technologies as well as those pioneering production in deeper waters, miles from shore.


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