GAA and World Aquaculture Society Announce Strategic Partnership

This week, the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), two well-respected membership organizations, entered into a Strategic Partnership with the intent to provide more resources to their combined member base and drive mutual goals in the name of advancing responsible aquaculture. The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s vision statement, “A world that embraces and enables the role of responsibly farmed seafood in meeting global nutrition needs,” will be furthered through partnerships with like-minded organizations such as WAS.

Members of GAA will now have access to a free, one-year WAS special membership. If you are a member of GAA and would like to become a member of World Aquaculture Society free of charge, please visit the Member Toolkit for the coupon code and details on how to become a member.

Joining forces through diverse coalitions has proven to be impactful and both organizations look forward to continuing fruitful partnership through advocacy, education and leadership.