GAA Successfully Exhibits At Wuhan, China, Expo

The Global Aquaculture Alliance and its Best Aquaculture Practices division exhibited with great success at the Food Products and Ingredients Expo of China in Wuhan, China, from March 21 to 25.

This is the first time that GAA/BAP has exhibited at the three-day expo, which is organized by Wuhan Lanesync Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd. and featured more than 300 suppliers in 15,000 square meters of exhibit space and more than 14,000 visitors, including thousands of retail and foodservice buyers. It’s billed as China’s largest annual food products and ingredients expo.

mr-zhu_peterredmond“It was a phenomenal event,” said Peter Redmond, BAP’s VP of market development, who gave a presentation on the significance of responsible aquaculture and the advantages of BAP certification as part of the expo’s conference program. “We are proud of our association with Wuhan Lanesync and look to grow this relationship with speed in the coming year. With Wuhan Lanesync, we truly have a partner committed to growing their business in a responsible way.”

The expo came about three months after GAA signed a memorandum of understanding with Wuhan Lanesync, in which the two organizations agreed to work collaboratively to cross-promote the organizations’ activities and to advance responsible aquaculture. As part of the agreement, GAA was designated as a supporting partner of the expo.

Based in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, Wuhan Lanesync handles purchasing, distribution, logistics, marketing, processing and other activities for more than 35,000 restaurants and hotels throughout China and operates more than 200 Xianzhilong retail outlets and seven warehouses.

Pictured on the right are Redmond and Mr. Zhu Changliang, CEO of  Wuhan Lanesync.