GAA Partners with The Economist for Sustainability Summit

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is teaming up with The Economist for its Sustainability Summit as a supporting association.

GAA Partners with The Economist for Sustainability SummitThe Sustainability Summit takes place at Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel in Chicago on June 5. This year’s theme is, “From resources to capital markets: Long-term strategy for a short-term world.”

GAA members are encouraged to use the discount code “2308/GAA20” when registering to get 20 percent off the registration fee.

Topics to be discussed at the Sustainability Summit include:

• How governments can ensure that businesses stay the course and provide an incentive to remain green
• How leaders can ensure that long-term strategy sticks in an era plagued by short-termism
• The extent to which natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes must be factored into a company’s overall strategy and the supply chain equation
• How consumers can use their influence over brands to play their part in mitigating the effects of climate change

GAA also partnered with The Economist for its World Ocean Summit, held in Cancún-Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in early March.