Continuous Improvement: Sanlei achieves first 3-star BAP certification in southern Africa

The Global Seafood Alliance announced in June of 2023 that Sanlei had become the first farm and hatchery to certify with Best Aquaculture Practices in the Kingdom of Lesotho and in southern Africa. Now we are delighted to congratulate Sanlei who have successfully added their processing plant to their certification and have launched their first trout product bearing the Best Aquaculture Practices 3-star logo.

“We, at Sanlei Lesotho are extremely proud of our BAP certification achievement, this is massive for our business and organization,” said Logan Mundree, Processing Manager at Sanlei.

“We will continue to drive continuous improvement in the areas of food safety and quality ensuring that our customers get only the best quality product on time all the time. The BAP certification opens doors of opportunity to expand our business and trade in the world market, we want our products to be showcased across the globe and showcase what Africa can bring to the rest of the world!”

“I know it has been a committing journey for Sanlei, what an achievement to now be selling under the BAP 3-star logo and all that it represents – congratulations!” said Iain Shone, Director of Market Development Europe at GSA.

Sanlei is based in the Kingdom of Lesotho and farming rainbow trout for export to South Africa, Japan and increasingly the United States. Products include frozen fillets, portions, head-on and head-off fish. The company featured as a case study in GSA’s 2023 impact report.

About Sanlei

Sanlei is located on the edge of the Katse Dam in the remote highlands of Lesotho; a site known for its deep, pristine waters and highly favourable environment for growing premium trout.

About BAP

Best Aquaculture Practices is a third-party certification program developed by the Global Seafood Alliance, an international, nonprofit trade association headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., USA, dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible seafood practices through education, advocacy and third-party assurances. Through the development of its Best Aquaculture Practices and Best Seafood Practices certification standards, GSA has become the leading standards-setting organization for seafood. To learn more, visit