An Ocean World: Celebrating World Oceans Day

A singular, interconnected ocean covers about 70 percent of Earth’s surface. It provides billions of us nourishment, and for those of us in the seafood industry, the livelihoods that our families and communities depend on. At the Global Seafood Alliance, our unique connection with the ocean serves as inspiration to dig deeper and do everything we can to continue to respect and protect this resource that provides so much to so many.

That’s exactly what we’ve done since our organizational rebrand last fall and the launch of Best Seafood Practices. BSP will make the kind of impact that Best Aquaculture Practices has made in the nearly two decades since the BAP label first adorned the world’s most responsible farmed seafood products.

BSP was created to make it easier to bridge gaps in the wild-seafood certification space – bringing fishing vessels and processing plants into the fold – and is currently gaining momentum with retailers and foodservice operators. They all want the same thing: assurances of food safety and environmental and social responsibility in their supply chains. Just like what BAP has been delivering for years.

Wild seafood may seem like new territory for GSA, but it’s not for me and certainly not for several new members of this growing organization. I have spent my career working on the water as a commercial fisherman, connecting the industry at key business events, and then furthering the work of assessing and certifying fisheries around the globe at the Marine Stewardship Council. Additionally, many of our team members come from some of the world’s largest seafood companies and bring special skills and insights to our refocused efforts.

Global Seafood AllianceJune may be World Oceans Month, but GSA has a full-time focus on the blue frontier that surrounds us and supports us. Taking care of the ocean is everyone’s responsibility, and whether you deal in farmed seafood, wild seafood or both, we are with you on this journey. Let’s get there together.

– Brian Perkins, GSA CEO