BAP Adds New Resource for Certified Producers

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program is continuing to add value to BAP-certified producers by providing them with new tools and resources. Among those resources are new “splash pages” on the BAP producer page which will provide producers with an opportunity to list additional information about their company in a drop-down tab under their facility name. 

This information may include sales contact information, a link to a company’s downloadable certificate, website link and more. This will first be provided as an option to processing plants and will eventually roll out to farms, hatcheries and feed mills. This resource will make it easier for producers to connect with buyers in the marketplace who are looking for supply of responsibly farmed seafood.

Another resource provided to producers is BAP’s Supply Chain Transparency (SCT) tool. Supply chain transparency is a free tool available to all certified processors that gives insight into their multi-star production chain data. This data helps processors identify gaps or risks in supply and improve the quality of multi-star links. The SCT ‘Plant View’ dashboard shows plant and farm production capacity as well as facility counts and a facility map.

Supply Chain Transparency ‘Plant View’ Dashboard

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