GSA Releases 2022 Annual Report

The Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) on July 26, 2023, published its 2022 Annual Report.

At the heart of GSA’s fifth annual report is GSA’s commitment to its mission of being “dedicated to advancing responsible seafood practices through education, advocacy and third-party assurances”, to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the nonprofit organization’s commitment to serving its individual and corporate members, its almost 3,400 certified facilities and vessels, and the 310,000 people that work at them.

“GSA is a multi-faceted organization. We are “fish-people,” but we are also “people-people”!” says Molly Jacques, Vice President of Market Development Operations. “What has been truly inspiring to me over the last year has been the work to support the producers around the world, the people and communities involved in or impacted by the seafood production chain. GSA’s education, advocacy and recognition of these communities and livelihoods aligns with our mission and I am excited to see how we continue this in 2023.”

Each accomplishment outlined in the 2022 Annual Report aligns with one of the core three components of GSA’s mission, falling under educationadvocacy or demonstration through third-party assurances.

Among the accomplishments are:

• Advocacy: GSA’s membership program boasts over 8,500 members and partners, with over 40 corporate members. One project highlighted in the Annual Report is a collaborative workstream aiming to solve marine ingredient sourcing, as featured in GSA’s first-ever Global Impact Report. This project supports three of GSA’s priority United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, no. 2, 8, and 10.

• Education: GSA’s annual conference was held in Seattle, USA in 2022 with over 340 seafood professionals and thought leaders, the first in-person event since Chennai, India in 2019. The Advocate magazine saw over 1.2 million page views in 2022, and the Aquademia Podcast’s yearly downloads increased by 195% from 2021.

• Demonstration: The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program reached an 88.2% retention rate, with a 4.7% year-over-year growth in producers at the end of 2022. The BAP program implemented its first consumer campaign with multiple marketplace partners and influencers. The campaign had a reach of over 7.3 billion overall. The Annual Report has the full breakdown of the consumer campaign results. In addition, GSA’s third-party certification program for wild caught seafood, Best Seafood Practices (BSP), saw more than 60 vessels and processors achieve certification.

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Example of certification metrics in 2022 Annual Report

Example of education metrics in 2022 Annual Report

Example of advocacy story in 2022 Annual Report