GAA Expecting a Busy Week in Boston for SENA 2019

GAA at Seafood Expo North America
Look for the GAA and BAP banner at SENA!

It’s been a cold few months at the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) headquarters in Portsmouth, N.H., but spring and seafood trade show season are right around the corner! We invite you to engage with GAA at Seafood Expo North America (SENA) at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Mass., from March 17 to 19. GAA has multiple activities planned at booth No. 481 and in Room 205C this year, and GAA is participating in the SENA conference program, too.

SENA is North America’s largest seafood trade show. Last year, 1,341 exhibiting companies from 57 countries hosted more than 22,200 visitors, and the GAA team kept busy in Boston despite the snowy conditions.


Stop by booth No. 481 throughout the show to chat with team members. Don’t forget to tell us why you’re a GAA member and/or aligned with the BAP third-party certification program. We’ve got fun props for social snaps (GAA and BAP) and colorful branded accessories to give away to visitors.

BAP materials including standing signs, toothpicks and stickers will be available for pick up at the GAA booth for BAP exhibitors. Materials are first come first served. If you’d like to reserve materials for your booth, please contact BAP’s Elise Avallon.

GAA’s SENA 2019 Schedule



  • 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. – GAA Stakeholder Update, Room 205C

All are invited to GAA’s annual update on all organization activities including outreach, membership, GAA’s BAP third-party certification program, program integrity, business development, technology and more. The meeting will begin with words from GAA Executive Director Andrew Mallison and an introduction to GAA’s new 2019 vision. Breakfast will be served, with time allowed for audience questions and networking.

  • 12:45 – 2 p.m. — Increasing America’s Per Capita Seafood Consumption 25% by 2023

GAA Communications Manager Steven Hedlund will participate in this SENA conference event. Learn more here.

GAA at Seafood Expo North AmericaMONDAY, MARCH 18 

  • 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. – GSA Update, Room 205C

All are invited to hear an update on the development of GSA, launched last year at the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels. GSA was established to meet assurance needs where gaps exist across both wild and farmed seafood. The meeting will start with words from GSA Executive Director Wally Stevens and include introductions to the GSA board members. An update will be provided on GSA’s work, including the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) version 2.0 and potential pilot programs for the RFS 2.0 vessel standards.

  • 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. – BAP Supply Chain Transparency Innovations Meeting, Room 205C

This is a closed meeting. If you would like to request an invite, please contact BAP’s Molly Jacques.

  • 2 – 3 p.m. – Introduction to S.O.L.I. Program, Room 205C

All are invited to an informational session about the Sustainable Oceans Leadership Institute (S.O.L.I.). Launching at the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels later this year, the goal of the S.O.L.I. program is to create a network of global leaders from across regions and sectors to address ocean issues in a precompetitive manner through results-oriented education and collaboration. The session will include program details and information on how to get involved. For more information, please contact GSA’s Katy Hladki.

  • 2:15 – 3:30 p.m. – How do we grow safe and sustainable aquaculture for all?

GAA Director of Strategic Engagements Melanie Siggs will participate in this SENA conference event. Learn more here.

  • 3 – 4 p.m. – GAA Happy Hour with Aquademia Podcast Launch, Booth No. 481

All are invited to join the GAA staff for drinks to celebrate responsible seafood! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the GAA and BAP staff, connect with industry colleagues, and unwind after two busy days in Boston. Andrew Mallison will kick off the hour with a brief introduction to GAA’s newest offering, the Aquademia Podcast. Learn how to subscribe and listen, chat with the producers, and perhaps set up a time to be recorded for future episodes.


  • 9 – 10:30 a.m. – Social Impact Assessment Workshop, Room 205C

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is conducting an independent assessment of the social impact of BAP certification in Indonesia, Vietnam and Chile. This workshop features a presentation by KIT on their preliminary results and an engaging discussion on next steps. All are invited to attend. Please RSVP here. Questions? Contact BAP’s Avery Siciliano.

  • 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Global Aquaculture Alliance Annual Shrimp Forum

GAA President George Chamberlain and Steven Hedlund will participate in this SENA conference event. Learn more here.