Four-Star BAP Shrimp Is First For Latin America

Seajoy Group is Latin America’s first company qualified to offer four-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) shrimp for its operations in both Honduras and Nicaragua.

Unknown-3Four-star BAP status denotes that the product originates from a BAP-certified processing plant, farm, hatchery and feed mill. It’s the highest such achievement in the BAP program.

Seajoy became eligible to offer four-star BAP shrimp on confirmation that it sources feed from Cargill de Honduras S. de R. L. feed mill, which earned BAP certification in early June.

Seajoy’s processing plant and all of its farms and hatcheries in Honduras and Nicaragua are BAP certified. “At Seajoy, we are proud to partner with Cargill in obtaining our fourth BAP star,” said Brad Price, the company’s vice president of operations and sales. “Together we are working to improve our feeding efficiencies as well as minimize our fishmeal requirements. To that end, we are in the second phase of testing an insect meal that we expect will replace 75% to 100% of our fishmeal sources.”

Unknown-2Seajoy is a long-time supporter of the BAP third-party certification program. Seajoy was the world’s first company qualified to offer three-star BAP shrimp in 2005, when its Larvicultura del Pacifico hatchery landed BAP certification.

Aquacultura Fonseca and Biomar, both located along the Gulf of Fonseca in Honduras, were Seajoy’s first two shrimp farms to attain BAP certification in 2003, followed by Aquacultura Torrecillas in Nicaragua in 2004. Seajoy’s Empacadora Deli S.A. processing plant, located just outside of Choluteca, Honduras, attained BAP certification in 2004.

About BAP
A division of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Best Aquaculture Practices is an international certification program based on achievable, science-based and continuously improved performance standards for the entire aquaculture supply chain — farms, hatcheries, processing plants and feed mills — that assure healthful foods produced through environmentally and socially responsible means. BAP certification is based on independent audits that evaluate compliance with the BAP standards developed by the Global Aquaculture Alliance.