Chile’s Blumar Earns Three-Star BAP Certification

June, 2013

The Global Aquaculture Alliance announced in early June that Blumar S.A. is the third salmon company in Chile to achieve three-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification.

logo-blumar-seafoodsBlumar’s processing plant in Concepcion, Chile, recently earned BAP certification, joining the company’s 11 BAP-certified salmon farm sites and the four BAP-certified feed mills from which it sources feed — Biomar Chile S.A.’s Planta Castro and Planta Pargua facilities, EWOS Chile Alimentos Ltda. and Nutreco Chile S.A.’s Orsorno facility.

Located in Chile’s Region XI, Blumar’s 11 farms collectively produce about 4,500 metric tons of salmon per cycle. The fish are marketed in the United States, the European Union and Brazil, to both retail and foodservice customers. Among Blumar’s customers are Walmart, Sam’s Club and Sysco.

“At Blumar we are convinced that all our processes have to be environmentally and socially sustainable, to achieve long-term profitability and project our activity into the future,” said Gerardo Balbontin Fox, CEO of Blumar Seafood. “The three-star BAP certification of our integrated salmon-farming operations is solid proof of our commitment to the environment, the neighboring communities and our customers around the world.”

About BAP
Best Aquaculture Practices is an international certification program based on achievable, science-based and continuously improved performance standards for the entire aquaculture supply chain — farms, hatcheries, processing plants and feed mills — that assure healthful foods produced through environmentally and socially responsible means. BAP certification is based on independent audits that evaluate compliance with the BAP standards developed by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. For more information on BAP, visit