A Message for Our Members from CEO Wally Stevens

To our members,

As you may have heard, the Global Aquaculture Alliance is rebranding to the . This change reflects an expansion of the work we do in aquaculture to include wild-caught seafood, as well. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between the wild and farmed seafood sectors. In seafood, there are many species and harvesting methods, but our priorities are unity and a simple message: Encouraging consumers to eat more seafood because it’s good for the planet and for their health.

As long as they are produced responsibly, wild and farmed seafoods are necessary for a “sustainable” future and food system that addresses both environmental and socioeconomic factors. As both the global human population and demand for seafood grow, we need an all-encompassing solution that provides assurances of responsible practices throughout the value chain. Through innovation and ingenuity, and the collaboration between farmed and wild seafood, a more sustainable food system will emerge.

So, what does this mean for our members?

membership benefitsThis rebrand will not change any projects or programs we currently offer – it is simply an extension of what we already do. We will continue to support our members in the admirable work they do for the seafood industry while providing them vaster networking opportunities. We will continue to offer the same as we have for the past few years.

As a part of this new development, we’re excited to be launching Best Seafood Practices – a new program providing assurances to the marketplace that wild seafood has been harvested and processed in an ethical manner with respect for the wellbeing and security of all employees across the supply chain.

If you have specific questions about our rebranding, please reach out to our .

Thank you for your support of the work that we do. Now we embark on a new journey to a future full of responsible seafood, together.

Wally StevensMany thanks,

Wally Stevens