Water quality monitors aim to revive centuries-old Hawaiian fishpond

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The Aquasend Beacons will track dissolved oxygen and estimate fish biomass

water quality monitors
A California startup’s water quality monitors were deployed in a centuries-old fishpond in Hawaii that had been devoid of aquatic life for 50 years.

In a meeting of modern and ancient technology, newly developed dissolved oxygen monitors were recently deployed in a centuries-old fishpond in Hawaii with the aim of producing consistent and abundant harvests after 50 years of laying fallow.

Aquaculture technology startup Aquasend said that three of its Aquasend Beacons were placed in the Hawaiian fishpond Waikalua Loko l’a in Oahu through its partnership in the Xylem Innovation Labs’ incubator program. The beacons track water quality parameters like dissolved oxygen and fish biomass.

Fewer than 100 such fishponds exist in Hawaii when their numbers once topped 500. Efforts to preserve them have been led by the Pacific American Foundation. Waikalua Loko l’a is a mix of salt and fresh water. The Aquasend Beacon will continuously monitor the pond’s dissolved oxygen and temperature levels throughout the day.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Waikalua Loko l’a pond regrowth and have the opportunity to expand Aquasend water technology operations through our partnership in Xylem’s Incubator Program. It’s our goal to support this industry with data and solutions,” said Kristin Elliott, CEO of Aquasend. 

Data collected will inform the Pacific American Foundation with on how to start safely inhabiting the pond with native mullet and milkfish. The Beacon’s research will provide a better understanding of Waikalua Loko l’a conditions and will ultimately help enable the growth of the fishpond and others like it to generate income and sell products locally. 

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