Balancing protein and energy in Nile tilapia feeds

An analysis of the effects of protein and energy intake shows no physiological basis for an optimal P:E ratio for tilapia. 

Behold the nutritious oyster
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Behold the nutritious oyster

Oysters provide important, natural filtration of water and are an important component of many healthy coastal ecosystems because their active filtering can help improve and maintain water quality. For many coastal communities, oysters are an important food resource and excellent sources of protein and amino acids, zinc, selenium, iron and B-vitamins. 

Japanese eel aquaculture in Korea
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Japanese eel aquaculture in Korea

After a decade of research, Korea has produced individual glass eels for Japanese eel aquaculture. Despite dependence upon the wild seed, Japanese eel aquaculture production has been growing significantly and comprises over 27 percent of Korea’s freshwater aquaculture.