Farmed shrimp welfare website and training course launched

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Resource hub aims to optimize shrimp welfare in aquaculture

shrimp welfare
FAI Farms’ website and training course is a resource hub with insights and practical solutions for optimizing shrimp welfare in aquaculture.

FAI Farms has launched a new shrimp welfare website with an online training course to showcase its shrimp welfare assessment protocol, which FAI claims is a world-first.

The company said in a news release that its website is a user-friendly platform that serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering insights, guidelines and practical solutions for optimizing welfare in shrimp aquaculture.

FAI Farms seeks to empower shrimp farmers, processors, retailers and researchers with the latest scientific knowledge and practical tools to enhance shrimp welfare at every life stage, from reproduction to juvenile rearing. 

“Shrimp farming plays a crucial role in global food security, and we believe that prioritizing shrimp welfare is not only ethical but also essential for the industry’s long-term viability,” said Chief Technology Officer Ralf Onken. “FAI Farms is committed to supporting shrimp farmers in their journey towards sustainable and welfare-conscious practices.” 

Worldwide, more than 167 billion Pacific white shrimp (L. vannamei) are produced on farms each year. With consumer concern for farmed animals’ well-being on the rise, FAI said it has taken a “bottom-up approach that benefits both farmer profit and animal welfare.” 

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The site features FAI’s welfare assessment protocol and an online training course on shrimp welfare, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and soon Thai and Chinese.


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