USSEC: Aquaculture ‘showing some life’ in sub-Saharan Africa

The U.S. Soybean Export Council explores export opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, finding the region holds “much potential” for aquaculture growth. 

A look at phospholipids in aquafeeds
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A look at phospholipids in aquafeeds

Phospholipids are the major constituents of cell membranes and are vital to the normal function of every cell and organ. The inclusion of phospholipids in aquafeeds ensures increased growth, better survival and stress resistance, and prevention of skeletal deformities of larval and juvenile stages of fish and shellfish species. 

Aquaculture Exchange: Steve Hart
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Aquaculture Exchange: Steve Hart

China, the world’s largest producer of farmed fish, represents a huge opportunity for the Global Aquaculture Alliance and its Best Aquaculture Practices certification scheme. GAA’s Steve Hart talks about the inroads the organization has already made and how he can leverage his background in the soy industry.