Salmon farmer adopts biomass estimation tech on four sites

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BiomassPro estimation solution proved 99.7% accurate compared to actual harvest data

biomass estimationBoston-based aquaculture equipment and technology company Innovasea announced that its real-time biomass estimation solution, BiomassPro, is now in full commercial use at Creative Salmon’s farms on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.

Creative Salmon purchased the solution after using it for six months as part of a pilot program that allowed Innovasea to fine-tune the algorithm for king salmon. The technology proved to be 99.7 percent accurate during on-site testing.

“Innovasea has greatly improved our ability to forecast the size of our fish and adjust our operations as needed,” said Barb Cannon, biology manager at Creative Salmon. “BiomassPro has increased our sample sizes, improved estimation accuracy, improved efficiency, and allowed data to be available in an online platform so reports can be done remotely and at any time.”

BiomassPro is an AI-powered solution that estimates the size and weight of fish stocks in real-time to help fish farms optimize production and reduce feeding costs. It also provides accurate growth projections to improve resource planning and sales forecasting and ultimately boost revenues.

“BiomassPro has performed incredibly well for Creative Salmon in providing spot-on biomass estimations over the last 12 months,” said Rafael Cordero, VP of engineering at Innovasea. “The numbers they’ve seen from their actual harvests are almost identical to what BiomassPro projected. That’s invaluable for a fish farm in terms of tracking growth curves, planning feeding operations and knowing the ideal time to harvest.”

Creative Salmon, which also uses Innovasea’s Realfish Pro precision aquaculture platform to monitor and manage its operations, is now using BiomassPro at all four of its sea sites in Tofino, British Columbia.

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“We’re grateful to Creative Salmon for helping us dial in the algorithm for king salmon during the pilot program,” said Tim Stone, Innovasea’s VP of product development. “We’re thrilled that the solution has made a difference for them in monitoring and projecting the size of their fish stocks – and that they’ll continue to use BiomassPro moving forward.”

BiomassPro is currently available for five cold and warm water species, including yellowtail, red snapper, king salmon, cobia and totoaba. The algorithm for Atlantic salmon is being field tested and fine-tuned and will be available later this year.

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