Aquaculture technology innovator launches new ‘gentle’ feeder that minimizes pellet damage

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Innovasea’s FlowFeeder is a novel approach that aids FCR and prevents wastage and economic loss

Aquaculture technology
Innovasea’s waterborne FlowFeeder gently delivers pellets to fish in a way that minimizes damage and loss common to air-blown systems.

U.S. aquaculture technology company Innovasea has introduced a new waterborne feeding system called FlowFeeder, which delivers feed in a way that minimizes pellet damage that the company says is common with air-blown feeding systems, which use air compressors.

The new system helps farmers improve their feed conversion ratio and enhance their feeding regimens by reducing lost feed days.

“FlowFeeder provides a better way to feed fish because it gets more pellets directly into the pen underwater,” said Langley Gace, senior VP of Innovasea. “Rather than blowing feed pellets onto the surface above the fish pen where they can drift away, FlowFeeder delivers the feed at the depths where fish prefer to congregate. That means less waste and better feed conversion ratios – one of the keys to profitability at any fish farm.”

FlowFeeder mixes feed pellets with water on the feed vessel and then gently carries the mixture into the pens. It can deliver feed to multiple pens from a centralized point, requiring less power than air-blown systems, which can reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent, the company stated in a press release. With feed pellets delivered at depth, FlowFeeder enables feeding during rough ocean conditions or heavy weather, or during surface threats like harmful algal blooms or sea lice.

“Air-blown systems are messy and leave behind a lot of dust and oily feed residue in the pipes,” said Gace. “That requires regular cleanings that drive up operational and maintenance costs and increase downtime on the feed vessel.”

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