MiAlgae launches novel nutrient-rich powder for use in aquaculture feed

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Scottish Biotech company to produce ‘hundreds of tons’ of nutrient-rich powder for aquaculture feed

aquaculture feed
NaturAlgae, a dry powder with a high concentration of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA and other oils, can be added to aquaculture feed. MiAlgie Biogass Site, Balfron. Photograph by Martin Shields.

Scotland-based biotech company MiAlgae has launched its omega-3 product, NaturAlgae – a dry powder with a high concentration of DHA and other oils. The powder can be added to recipes for pet food and aquaculture feed, offering the health benefits that omega-3 provides.

MiAlgae recycles the co-products from the Scotch whisky industry, like pot ale, as a feedstock to grow omega-3-rich microalgae, which can then be used as a nutritious fish feed and pet food ingredient. This manufacturing process aims to reduce global reliance on wild-caught fish (the traditional source of omega-3), reduce carbon emissions and prevent the loss of ocean ecosystems.

“We’re committed to scaling quickly and have plans to work closely with a number of distilleries across Scotland where we can co-locate MiAlgae’s technology with the distilleries, creating an on-site water recycling solution for the distillery, and a greater production capacity for MiAlgae,” said Douglas Martin, founder of MiAlgae. “This will allow us to expand rapidly and make a very real stride towards the sector’s environmental goals.”

Following the installation of eight new bioreactors north of Glasgow, it’s anticipated that MiAlgae will soon be producing hundreds of tons of nutrient-rich omega-3 powder per year.

“This expansion of our commercial production site marks a huge milestone on our journey to champion the circular economy,” said Martin. “With the addition of our new equipment, we are now able to take our product to market at a meaningful scale with significant headroom to grow.”

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